BALOU – Info “Prophets of the iron age” (Information in English)

“You were God's own country, a place of make believe. Like a city of angels with the power to relieve.” The BALOU song lyrics remind us of love poems. Many love songs are sad. “Burning the flag" is one of those sad love songs, dedicated to a lost love, dedicated to America. It is from the latest BALOU album “prophets of the iron age”, the fifth release in the 20 year old band history.

„So, who is BALOU? Is he an American living in Germany? He is a modern Phil Ochs who can sing!“ Grammy winner Bob Katz showed himself enthusiastic about the music on which he did the final mastering in Florida, USA. Phil Ochs was one of the most prominent political song writers of the 1960ies.

In fact, BALOU is a German folk rock band. The singer, composer and band leader Andreas Detterbeck is German, like all other band members. He is “one of the most charismatic singers in Southern Germany”, says the editor in chief of a big German newspaper. Like many Germans, Detterbeck loved America for its spirit of freedom, justice und tolerance. Many of his songs remind us of classic Westcoast melodies.

September 11th struck America with terror but also struck terror into the heart of America. What happened afterwards has changed the face of America, thus confusing Detterbeck’s ideals and identification. It inspired him to create a special folk album, including many political songs from different styles. There are melancholy ballads like “Burning the flag”, but also e-guitar guided rock music (e.g. Bloody Sky) and straight Latin (Songs of Yesterday). In contrast to other political songwriters, Detterbeck’s way is more subtle and sometimes satirical, creating a tension between cozy melodies and delicate lyrics. For instance, AMT airlines is a reggae song, with hook lines creating Caribbean summer feeling, inspiring to easy living on the beach. Actually the song deals with a morally und legally delicate topic, the CIA flights to Guantanamo Bay. Another political song is “Mr. President” which is older than Pink’s, but asks similar reproachful questions: “Mr. President, what’s going on? I’m waiting for a call.” The BALOU music behind these words, however, is typical American folk und rock music, performed with instruments like mandolin, banjo and steel guitar. Detterbeck’s voice is accompanied by a variety of instruments, including percussion and Hammond organ, and fine chorus lines. Although Detterbeck’s political songs are dominated by fears and political frustrations, he creates much space for hope. “Back” is one song leaving the audience with optimism which is nourished by faith (Rergret It) and family (Little Hand).

Some songs can be downloaded for free from This website also shows photos and gives more information in German language. The CD can be ordered online at


Einziges Konzert im Sommer 2010 in Bayern:

1. August 2010 Schwandorf Bürgerfest 17 Uhr Schmidtbräu Innenhof

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